Create unlimited, networked and responsive websites using customized templates and content from a central asset bank.   

Centralized Database

Leverage content from a data bank and share it seamlessly across multiple, created websites. 

One Login, One Update, Multiple Websites

Update content in one place and
it dynamically updates on
all associated websites. 


Allow operators, organizations and other contributors to upload content to a central asset bank and contribute website content. 

Content Management

Manage your tourism assets with an easy to use content management system designed specifically for tourism marketers. 

Image Bank

Upload, organize, edit and store all of your images in one place. Easily access and add images to multiple websites and share to social media!

Social Media & Shareability

Share pictures, stories and more from networked websites directly
to social media channels. 

Reporting & Analytics

Access internal and external
analytics and reports for all
websites in one place.   

Search Engine Optimization

Built-in, page level SEO tools
ensures that visitors will have no trouble finding you online.

Google Maps

Listings, stories, itineraries, routes and events can be integrated with Google Maps using GPS coordinates.  

Trip Planner

Allow visitors to plan and map
out their trip as they visit your websites. Add attractions, places
to eat and stay.  

Routes & Tours

Create routes and tours and include maps to help visitors explore all there is to see and do in your tourism destination.  


Use the stories module to create interesting stories and experiences about your destination to keep visitors coming back to your websites.  

Events Calendar

Allow contributors to submit events and have them show on multiple sites. Add maps and images and share events to social media.  

Email Marketing

The email module makes it easy to communicate with partners and operators and develop targeted marketing campaigns for visitors.


Create eye-catching campaigns by adding header and banner messages throughout the websites. Measure the performance of your campaigns through integrated reports.  

Content Validation 

Use the automated content validation feature to ensures that information is kept up to date.

Content Point System

Use the content point system to ensure the most relevant and updated information is always
front and centre.